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As a first home buyer, you are still able to get the $7000 Grant and you won't pay Stamp Duty on the purhcase up to a price $500,000 in NSW.

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You can still get a low doc loan at a very good rate wether ou are buying or refinancing. Conditions Apply. Just ask us.

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Welcome to Progress Loan Centre. We are here to help you with all your borrowing needs. We aim to simplify the process for you, help you make the correct choices, monitor the market on your behalf and report important changes to you to allow you to benefit from new opportunities and make the necessary changes if needed.

Weither you are buying your first home, an investment property, a car, a truck, a piece of equipment, a business, a commercial property, or weither you a real estate developper. We can always help simplify the journey for you. In the majority of cases, we get paid by the lender rendering our service free of charges to you. Please ask ask any question by calling:

02 9897 9696, or 0414 545 643
Or send us a fax on 02 9897 9689,

Note: This site is undergoing a major review and re-development.

Debit Reduction Strategies that allow you to pay your loan quicker without having to pay any extra money.

 We give you tips and show practical steps to pay your debt quickly, stay ahead, save on your tax bill and grow your wealth.

Phone: 02 9897 9696 Or  0414 545 643,
Fax: 02 9897 9689

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